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Maximising Your Instagram Presence: Best Practices for Utilising Key Features

Making sure you know which features to use on Instagram and how to optimise them for your business goals, is key to getting the maximum benefit from each.

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Feature #1 - Single Instagram Posts

  • Best Instagram feature for getting likes.

  • Great for posting photos and infographics.

  • You can also write a caption to provide context to your post (but if you want to provide lots of info then carousels are better)

Feature #2 - Carousels

  • Best for building trust and expertise.

  • Great for sharing inspirational stories.

  • Great for engagement and delivering messages or top tips!

Feature #3 - Reels

  • Best feature for getting new followers who aren't already on your radar.

  • Great for showcasing short videos (under 90secs) to get your messages across to wider audiences.

Feature #4 - Stories

  • Best feature for sharing information about your services, building trust and asking your followers questions and opinions about your products or services.

  • Stories are where your most loyal followers are.

Feature #5 - IG Live

  • Best feature for building expertise.

  • Great for showcasing new products, asking questions, getting feedback or capturing the moment.

Feature #6 Highlights

  • Best feature for providing information about you and your services.

  • Add your stories posts to your highlights section.

  • They are similar to your about and services sections on your website.

Now that you know how best to feature your content on Instagram to get maximum exposure, let us help you create it. At SISU Marketing we offer not only content creation plans, but also community and content management across all social channels.

So, if you need a hand getting your socials up and running get in touch.

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