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Creating your Brand Identity and Why it's Important

Branding is the process of strategically shaping your brand identity and how others perceive it. Any time you launch a website, share a post on social media, send out an email campaign, or communicate with clients, you’re branding and getting consistent exposure to your business, and this is why getting it right is so important...

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So, why do you need a Brand Identity?

Brand identity is an incredibly important part of your business. It's what separates you from your competitors and it allows you to create an identity for your company that incorporates your branding, messaging, and value.

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What Forms your Brand Identity?

Your brand's visual identity includes your logo, but it isn't just a logo. It includes colour palettes, typography, imagery, and overall design aesthetic along with your brand name, Its voice and tone.

All these elements should be consistent across your marketing materials, from your website to your social media profiles. A unique and memorable brand identity can help set your brand apart from your competitors.

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How to build your brand

Building your brand and its Identity isn't a quick process. People often think its just about what you want your logo to look like, but it is so much more than that. It's about how you want people to see your business, what it stands for, and how it creates a memorable experience across a variety of platforms.

Here are 7 steps to consider when building your brand...

  1. Research your target market.

  2. Determine your brand's voice and personality.

  3. Choose your business name.

  4. Write your brand story.

  5. Create a brand style guide.

  6. Design your logo and brand assets.

  7. Apply your branding across your business.

We're here to help.

Developing your brand identity can be a daunting process but it doesn't need to be. We can help you gather your thoughts, conduct market research and get you ready to create your visual identity from scratch, just drop us a line at and we'll be in touch!

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